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The intersection of Social Work and Theatre

The First Institute to offer MSW from Dibrugarh University.

Bosco Institute is a Don Bosco Institution, following the educational philosophy and approach of Don Bosco, renowned educator of youth. Established in 2008, the first offering from Bosco Institute is the post graduate course in Social Work. The Institute is the first to offer Master of Social Work (MSW) degree under Dibrugarh University.

BI, a Youth Space! – where young people are able to explore themselves and the world they live in and find the connection. In keeping with the Don Bosco tradition we create an environment that is welcoming, growth stimulating and home-like for young people. We create the space and the opportunity for them to build on their strengths, deal with their fears, help heal the emotional and psychological wounds that could be stifling some of them, discover their passion, build their dreams, articulate their aspirations and support in their exploratory ventures.


Fr. Jerry Thomas

Director, Bosco Institute

Joseph Kawa

Head of Dept., Social Work

Dr. Probin Topno

Asst. Professor, Bosco Institute

Dr. Pushparani Maibam

Asst. Professor, Bosco Institute

Francis Suting

Asst Professor, Bosco Institute

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