Perseverance: The Pathway to Success Amidst Failure

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I am Ankurita Mahanta, and I obtained my master’s degree in social work from Bosco Institute in Jorhat. Today, I want to share my story in English. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Assamese literature and attended Assamese-medium schools, which made me weak in English. This is a common challenge for students from an Assamese background. When I arrived at Bosco Institute, I found myself surrounded by English-speaking people everywhere, including my roommates and friends who were more familiar with English than Assamese. This was a whole new world for me, outside of my comfort zone. From the first day of my MSW course, I struggled to survive and adapt. On my first day, my roommate from Shillong introduced herself, and while I could confidently say my name and where I was from, I didn’t know much else in English. She engaged in conversation, asking me various questions, and my responses were limited to “yes” or “no.” Looking back, it’s amusing to think about it. I faced many difficulties in college, struggling to understand everything and hesitating to ask teachers and seniors for help. My English skills were so limited that I felt like a blank page. This language barrier not only affected my education but also shattered my confidence. As time passed at BI, I became increasingly depressed. However, the institute organized numerous workshops to build confidence and develop soft skills. The most remarkable part was meeting fellow Assamese friends who faced similar challenges. The teachers made us feel comfortable, giving us space and taking the time to understand us. They never laughed at our English speaking mistakes, which encouraged us to keep trying. I cherished this supportive environment. The institute instilled in me immense confidence, practical knowledge, and positive energy, thanks to the teachers and my friends. The skills I acquired at BI continue to assist me in my present endeavors and will undoubtedly benefit me in the future. Through this platform, I want to express my gratitude and thank Bosco Institute because the girl who couldn’t express her feelings in English now confidently does so. English is no longer a barrier for me, although I continue to work on improving it. Lastly, I want to emphasize that institutions can provide skills and knowledge, but proficiency is achieved through personal efforts. Work on your weaknesses, and you will attain greatness. You may encounter failures along the way, but on the fifth day, success will embrace you. Don’t give up until you are alive; one day, you will undoubtedly reach the pinnacle of success.