Exciting News: Confluence 2024 Videos Now Available on YouTube!

Confluence 2024 was a groundbreaking event where thought leaders and innovators from various sectors came together to collectively imagine the future of innovation in the social space. If you missed the live discussions, don’t worry—you can now catch up on all the insightful sessions and visionary talks at your convenience.

What’s in Store?

Investing in Innovation: From Governments to Corporates
Explore how different sectors are fueling innovation and driving change.

Agro-Ecology and Innovation
Learn about sustainable farming practices being revolutionized to meet future challenges.

Climate Change and Innovation
Discover innovative solutions tackling the global climate crisis.

And much more!

These videos offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone passionate about shaping a better future through innovation.

How to Watch

Head over to our The Hub Jorhat YouTube channel to watch the Confluence 2024 videos. The link is provided in the description below. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to stay updated with our latest content!

Watch Confluence 2024 Videos on YouTube