where are the rights ?

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I did my internship at New Delhi recently for a month. And while I was there, I came across an incident at the traffic points. I was on my way to the organization with my friend in auto-rickshaw; it stopped at the red light and while waiting for red light to turn green light three children aged around 3-6 years came to us and begged for alms. At first I or my friends or co-passengers didn’t care about them because it is their usual work. But when there was about 17seconds for the lights to turn green, one of the children caught my feet and said that she was very hungry and wanted to have something to eat and kept holding on to my feet for some time. I know giving money won’t empower them but I could not ignore her also, as she was asking alms to appease her hunger. So in a hurry I took out my wallet and give her some money so that they can buy some good food for a day. As soon I gave, the man with us in the auto-rickshaw commented ‘no need to give them; they will die begging’ and added ‘their parents live by their begging’. So on hearing that I looked at him carefully and what I saw was that he was very well formally dressed.

Here, I just reflect – should we ignore the children who are begging? And if the parents cannot provide basic need for survival then where are the laws which provide for the safety and well being of the children.

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