Trip to Kol, Hyd & Delhi

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A month away from Bosco was a wonderful experience beginning with documentation in Kol and Hyd and then study tour in Delhi with the whole class. It started with sleeping on railway platform right from the beginning because the train was delayed; and surprisingly the day we returned also we slept on the platform for the same reason:). It was a month of travelling on both rough and smooth roads, waking up at odd hours, sharing with friends, working in a group together with the First Years for the first time was wonderful, struggling together to achieve our targets, learnt to swim & ride a cycle , laugh a lot, overeating and sometimes under eating.In Delhi visited organisations working in different fields and in different ways towards bringing change in society, met old time friends who made my stay even more memorable, Bread Omlet for breakfast almost everyday, sandals got stolen, crazy shopping, missed agra trip because of stomach ache and the list goes on …:):) but its never like home in Jorhat.Nice to have our dear Fr. Mathew greeting us in the morning at the station and now looking forward to meet the boss. In jorhat nothing has changeed much except now the puppies have grown up and our dining hall is painted beautifully.

Thanx for the great time to all at Bosco Institute, Kol, Hyd & Delhi

  1. Sneegdha Sharma

    Its good to read your experience but it would be more appreciated if you add the specific learnings that you feel has transformed your life to certain extent.Otherwise after witnessing your study tour presentations,one can conclude that you all as a group worked very hard and had a meaningful enjoyment.


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