They are also a human beings who have rights!

Being in the city Ahmedabad I got some new learning and experiences which I want to share. I was doing my internship in an agency called Sauhard. The organization works for youth sensitization  towards society and its issues; they use some tools for sensitization like  workshops and sports competitions, photo competitions, etc. During my internship I got to interact with some of the fellows who are the part of the agency. The fellows consider the agency as a place where they can share their views and thoughts. By interacting with them I got to know of the workshop on development vs displacement that was organized by Sauhard. If we think about development the first thing that comes to our mind is over all  development and improvement of the infrastructure and physical space. In Ahmadabad  there is a river call Sabarmati and there were some people staying on the bank of the river and for development the people were displaced for making a river front. They were displaced for making a river front where people can come simply for sight seeing and relaxing. But they did not think about where the people who would be displaced would stay. They did not think about the pain of the people at loosing their house and as a result they were staying on the road side. From which angle ca we say that it is development. On the one hand,  yes, it is development because the place is made attractive; but on the other hand what happens to the people who have lost their hope and all that they had. Are they not human that they  were so easily ignored???

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