Theater Workshop – 2016

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 Theater Workshop – 2016

Facilitator: Mr. Motilal Gupta 

Date: 2nd – 8th August, 2016

Venue: Bosco Institute, Jorhat. 

Theatre Workshop was held for the first semester students from 2nd – 8th August, 2016. The workshop was facilitated by Bhojpuri film maker and actor Mr. Motilal Gupta from Varanasi. Right from the beginning of the workshop he made the students to learn the theory and simultaneously do the practical. The theories imparted to the students were types of emotions, ascending, descending and modulation of voice, types of expression, theory on stage performance, etc. Students were also taught to make use of their body to create various structures to fit in the scenes of the theatre.

Students were divided into three different groups to prepare and practise their play. vigorous practice and timely corrections helped the students to perform the theatre on Sunday (7th August, 2016) in front of staff and students of the institute in the morning and in the afternoon in the community (Baghdhora, Chinnamara-Jorhat). To boost up the energy of first semester students, third semester students too accompanied them to the community.

The theatre workshop is organized right at the beginning of the course not only to learn the technique of acting and theatre, but also to build the confidence of the new students, to dig out their hidden potentials, to get to know each other, to learn to work in a team, and to give a taste of a new learning process and a powerful medium of communication.

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