Restoring People’s Dignity

The Bethesda Youth Welfare Centre is one of the pioneering Non-governmental organizations in the state of Nagaland. It is committed to work for the upliftment of the people, affected by drugs and HIV/ AIDS related problems. The organization works and extends its service in Wokha, Phek and Dimapur districts of the state. I was placed in the organization as a trainee of social work.
Truly it was a pleasure and an opportunity for me to work in an organization of this kind. It was during my field work placement that I did come to know about the wonderful works and services that were implemented by the organization. If an organization had been passionately working for the welfare, progress, development and peace in the society, then I am personally convinced that it is fitting to register a word of admiration and appreciation for the good work and service it renders.
The organization makes well thought out plans for the implementation of projects and services in accordance with the urgent need of the time. Therefore, the needs of the people are met to a great extent. In other words, the resources and the services in the organization are utilized in the best interest of the people. The organization provides round the clock services and consultation at the rehabilitation centre. It is the centre where many of the drug addicts and alcoholics come and stay and undergo the beautiful journey of recovery.

It was towards the morning of 19th October, 2010 and I was a bit apprehensive to meet up with the residential counselor in the rehabilitation centre of the agency. There were many thoughts at the back of my mind and I really wanted to discuss them with the counselor. Indeed, we did spend a pretty long of time discussing on various areas of interest. The counselor Mr. Allen (name changed) smiled and acknowledged that he was a drug addict. Interestingly he has recovered from the drug addiction.
Truly, it is amazing to hear a life testimony where a sense of hopelessness is replaced by a sense of meaning in life. A hope for the sunny side of life where there is happiness, joy and contentment; where a person begins to change heart and embrace one’s life with love and dignity. The counselor is very optimistic and feels that he would be able to serve the clients in the rehab centre in the most effective way in the days to come. “I will try my best to help my brothers in the recovery program.” The counselor added. Personally I was amazed by the spirit of optimism and passion that he has in rendering his service. It made me to pause for a while and interrogate myself; why not cultivate optimism and passion in serving humanity? I think the kind of attitude, the kind of spirit and passion would help any person to find pleasure in rendering service for the good of the society.

On another day I met up with Mr. Ricky (name changed) one of the Peer Educators in the Drop-in-Centre at Duncan Bosti, Dimapur. While interacting with him I came to learn that he was a recovering drug addict. He was an injecting drug user (IDU’s) for more than ten years. Fortunately, the staff of the Drop-in-Centre identified him. Initially he was encouraged to go for the oral substitution therapy (OST). He did follow up the advice and cooperated with the services that were given to him.
Eventually, he gave up the use of drugs and alcoholism. Then, he was given the opportunity to work in the Drop-in-Centre as a Peer Educator. He is committed in his work. Moreover, he says that he would work hard to identify new clients and help them in the recovery process of addiction. This is the challenge that he has taken up as a mission to be accomplished.
Anyone who interacts with Mr. Ricky would certainly realize that he is a happy person. Today, he lives a sober life. Definitely, he enjoys the social relationship and respect that the social environment has to offer. The process of recovery and the realization of self discovery were simply wonderful. He has a great praise for the organization that has sincerely worked to restore his life and taught him the meaning of life. Over the years the organization has been concentrating for the welfare of youth. There are stories to share like Mr. Ricky’s, wherein the centre is passionately working to restore People’s life and dignity. (Nrithung Lotha)

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  1. christina

    Life is worth living and no matter what, there is always a chance to make it better…Life in Bethesda is a turning point in life. thanks for the write up it made us to reflect that there is a turning point in the journey of life and it doesn’t end up in the turns.

  2. Sneegdha Sharma

    dear friend iam touched with your artical. I appreciate your endeavour of restoring the human deginity of least wanted in the society. i could have been better if you would have given a bit detail of an organisation with its strength.

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