For the 3rd semester field work I had gone to Itanagar Diocesan Association (IDEA), Itanagar. I was engaged in community survey aimed at understanding the living condition of the village people. The community survey was carried out in three districts of Arunachal Pradesh i.e. Papumpare, Upper Subansiri and Lower Subansiri. The one month of experience in three districts of West Arunachal Pradesh was a unique learning experience. It was an eye opening experience for me to see people still living in poverty when many of their own people are enjoying luxurious life. During this whole month’s experience, one thing that touched me most was the interaction with a lady who is a farmer and her husband who lost his leg in an accident. As I was interviewing her what this lady said was that many government officials had also come for various surveys but still they have not got anything. She said “we will die and go and even our children will not get anything from the government”. These few words made me reflect and think if the work that am engaged in now was going to contribute for the good of people or let them remain with the same opinion. When I thought that my little contribution is going to benefit some poor people it made me work harder but when I thought that it will go in vain, I would become lazy and feel guilty. Thus, through this I have learned that whenever we do something, be it big or small, there should always be a positive outcome which will benefit some people as well as satisfy us for the contribution we make.  

Chanyam Lowang

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  1. steven leon hou

    This is the greatest and grand-est drawback that we have with our country’s government. I have no clue as to what they’re doing everyday. Politicians and govt. employees report to duty at 11 or 12 in the morning(contradictory to the actual time at 9a.m.), sit at their designated spots with folded legs, a cup of tea in their hands and busy chatting away totally oblivious of their pending work. No wonder they’re always called “the babus” of our country. Reporting to work and keep telling each other,”yea..we’ll do something productive….tomorrow!” but their tomorrow never comes. Its like someone always kidnaps their word “tomorrow” when its coming along the way. We have a chinese custom called the ying-yang(good and bad). It is always balanced but in the case of our govt., its heavily IN-BALANCED.

  2. Sneegdha

    It is very true that nobody can bring end to problems and conflicts as long as we are living in this world.But it will be also wise to keep in mind that any practical oriented good thing we do would never go in vain. And to do a little bit of good thing with an effective outcome one needs to have a passion for it. Therefore,it is appreciated that the concerned person had worked harder to see the other side of the world. And therefore, would like to encourage to never be tired of doing good to others. All the Best.

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