Reflection on YaR Documentation,2011, ” Tough Love”

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Reflection on Yar Documentation – ‘Tough Love’

I was part of the team that did the documentation the following YaR centres- Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala (Mumbai), Don Bosco, Snehalaya, Baroda (Gujarat), Don Bosco, Belgaum (Karnataka), Don Bosco Welfare Centre (NIOS for School Dropouts), Para,(Goa) and Konkan Development office. Visiting various places and coming to know different people, cultures and different lifestyles was indeed a great privileged for me. It was indeed a memorable and enriching experience.

Through this documentation, I came to know the reality of life of the street children and the tremendous works done by the Salesian Society for the welfare of unprivileged section of the society, the Street Children. Many of them didn’t even know where their house is.

And through the interactions with some of the fathers and the staff I came to know that it is very challenging and demanding to deal with these kids as they come from very difficult family background. Some of them said that sometimes they felt discouraged especially when they don’t response to the facilities given but they never loose heart. They added that they are ‘Rough and Tough’; yet, they never lose heart to deal with them. They deal with them with ‘Tough Love’ with the method of Don Bosco’s Preventive system. I appreciate them. May God continue to bless them to fulfill their dreams and visions.

The Thought Which Stikes Me– Fr. Roger Jones is the YaR Co-ordinator of Mumbai Province and the pioneer of Don Bosco Snehalaya, Baroda ( Gujarat). He worked there for nearly 10 years and at present he is working in Shelter Don Bosco, Mumbai – enthusiastic, energetic and fully dedicated himself for them. Once I asked him what inspired him to start the centre at Baroda. His replied was, “I worked there as a brother and I love the place and the people since then and there is no particular answer for this. But, he said: ‘if you have heart there will be a means.” This thought strikes me and I feel that this small phrase can move every one of us to do something good in this fragmented society. He also added that there were so many difficulties and problems especially in the initial stage of the centre, yet he never felt discouraged and he finds joy and satisfaction in working for them.

I have seen and experienced the Street Children, (YaR) of some parts of India, coming from different family backgrounds and the dedicated Salesians working for them. Yes, we also see many children who are the victims of violence, natural calamities, broken families and orphans who are deprived of their rights of Security, Development, Participation etc. at our own doors, our regions and in our states. Who are there to work for them? Where are their rights and where is their future…?

As we move forward let us keep this thought in mind “ Every Child is the Gift of God and if they are Poor they Deserve to be Helped and Cared for.”

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