PSEP(Personal Safety Education Programme) training

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WE CARE is the initiative of Udeshna Konwar, Youth Involve Fellow 2015.

We care is working in the slum colony in Jorhat. It mainly focuses on education, health and women related issues. We care has been working in that colony from the month of September 2015. We care has two main projects right now. One is children’s education and other curriculum activities and second project is adolescent education and livelihood programme.
We care organized PSEP (PERSONAL SAFTY EDUCATION PROGRAMME) training for we care team, facilitated by the team from FLAT (FULL LIFE ACCESS TRUST) MIZORAM ON 22nd April 2016.

1. To know about PSEP
2. To start PSEP in we care 3rd project, which is for school children, teachers, college students and parents.
3. To make we care workers aware of and to train them in personal safety education.
4. To create safe environment for people from sexual abuse, harassment, murder, rape.

The trainers explained about the ‘The Good Touch Bad Touch’ basing on a module using Puppets and Flip charts that was developed by the Chab Dai Prevention Forum as a way of communicating about sexual abuse and exploitation in a creative way. Any form of sexual activity with a child, by an adult or another child (male or female) where there is no consent or consent is not possible. They also explained about the signs after abuse, what steps should be taken if abuse happens or to avoid the situation, also the sign of the culprit or offenders, etc. There are different sessions for students, parents and teachers.
The team also explained the preparations to be made for doing these sessions with children and youth, like the permissions to be taken for conducting this training, acquiring clear idea about children’s rights and laws related to them, etc. We were also made aware of the need to be very clear and simple in our training presentations. The vocabulary used in the sessions should be convey sensitivity and not hurt the person who faces abuse or harassment.

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