My experience on YaR Documentation 2011

The experience of YaR Documentation for 20 days from 14th January to 2nd February 2011 has given me insights and lessons professionally and personally. As a group, I experienced working smoothly in the data collection process where the staff of the YaR Centres were co-operative and very hospitable. One of the memorable experiences was working with one of the Priest in YaR Centre. More than the work, he treated the group like his children and had a wonderful time. At the same time, the group also experienced difficult times in one of the centres. Personally, I was disappointed and did not want to continue the work there. The supervisor ensured that that the work has to be completed anyhow and gave a moral support to the group. As a part of the group, I also co-operated and managed to collect the required documents.

During this documentation tour, I came across the people who are working dedicatedly for helping the children in difficult circumstances. It also gave me clearer picture on the existing situation of many children who are in need of care and protection. One of the impressive situations that I came across was the working together of YaR Centres and the Social Defence Department. They are engaged in work to ensure care and protection of the children those who are in need. This kind of co-operation between the private organisation and the government needs to be increased in our country. 

In terms of professional growth, I met a unique personality who is wholeheartedly working for the children. He has an immense concern and care for the children. He is not interested in publicising and being recognised for what he is doing. He wants more people who have real interest in working for the children and to join hands in this area of work. It made me think on my professional interest. Having the interest and sensing the reality from the heart is important to know what we want to do.

These experiences taught me how to be assertive and how to respond and proceed in difficult situations. It also gave me insight on the quality of leadership that our supervisor has shown. Working together with the group also made to reflect on my behaviour. It has given me lesson to rethink on my self-centredness while working with the group. This has given me an opportunity for personal growth.


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