Life is beautiful

“You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit.”

That’s what addicts do…. and to come out of that habit is the challenge for them. It’s a non ending battle for addicts in recovery, where one fights everyday and win for the day and again begin a whole new battle tomorrow.

After spending time and living with them, listening to them and their stories, their experiences, their fears, witnessing their strengths, their hope, their struggle and their hardships I realise that they are daily heroes who live and survive every single day fighting the demons of addiction.

Looking at how they perceive life makes me realise they look forward everyday to living. Even though their life is not as simple or easy as it may seem or we think it to be, the way they handle and look at every problem and difficulties is amazing. This makes me wonder if it was any one of us in their shoes, whether we would be drooling and grumbling and making all the excuses to not move on but hang on to where we are stuck.

It’s amazing how their positive energy, their positive vibe spreads around and their longing to transfer that energy to others through their services, to help other still suffering addicts to experience the freedom that they have experienced and to pass on the message of recovery. And how remarkable they have grown spiritually not only in words but more in action, which amazes me again, as most of us do just the opposite. It’s very overwhelming to see how they have found that internal peace and the Higher Power within them while again for most of us we still wander far off in search of all these.

An experience with them have made me change my way of looking at life, at problems. Their experience gives me hope and strength to let go and move forward. My going there and being with them was to learn and understand about addiction. But to be very honest I have not only learned about addiction but I also have learned and gained more than what I expected, about life – its problems and solutions. It has opened my eyes to things and situations that I have been very close minded to. It has brought me closer to myself and to my Higher Power.

They have given me so much, much more than what I can offer them. My experiences with them have been one of the best gifts that opportunity has given me.

Maniung Niangti
from the experience at Higher Power Foundation, Bangalore.

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  1. samuelgangmei

    yes really it is true that we know about each other only when we live together. i really appreciate you for taking up such a challenging task,dealing with addicts. it is really touching to read your article. i felt sorry for those who were given to drugs and drinks, we need to pay special attention to them and help them come out from thier problems

  2. robert

    Yes, life is beautiful. But it will be wrong to say that only happy times make life beautiful. It is the problems and the hardship that colours the canvas of our life which otherwise should have been a plain picture of happiness. We really need to draw positive energy from people who suffer yet pull along. good job!

  3. Lee

    Um, it is quite true that addicts fight everyday. people always took them wrongly and put certain labels on them. even there is a misconception among the addicts that they can leave/stop fom using whatever substances whenever they want. but the reality is, they need help to come out from any addiction. Atleast we can support by showing care and concern for them. it is very nice to hear that Maniung Niangti has not restricted the learning only about addiction but also understanding life! that is why we say MSW is a life changing course. All the best and do well!

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