learnings from workshop conducted on comics power

A workshop on comics power was facilitated by Kankana, Liza and Ankita of Bosco Institute¬† at Sauhard, an NGO in Ahmedabad. The initial expression of all the participants was ‘I can’t draw’ but the enthusiasm that was visible in them towards the end of the workshop was stupendous. The theme of the comics was ‘diversity among fellows’. The NGO Sauhard runs a fellowship programmes for the youth. It aims at youth sensitization. Many interesting stories came up about false perception held by the fellows towards one another regarding their eating habits, dressing, religion, and sex. Their comics reflects their learnings from the workshops on gender, theatre, development vs displacement. Facilitating the workshop added to the confidence level of the facilitators and built the team spirit. Its easier to listen to oneself¬† than to be made listened to by others.There was a participant who very strongly refused to participate; it was her best friend who brought her. But as the workshop¬† progressed, she was the first one to read out the story, draw faces on the board etc. It reflects the fear within us that restrains us from doing the unusual and unfamiliar. But once we challenge our fears the confidence we get surpasses it and gives a boost to try something new.
Moreover in today’s monotonous and hectic life of students every hour is scheduled – from tuition to school to coaching in sports etc. Hardly they get a space to think out of the box. So though they were a little hesitant,but given the space they got a medium to express through comics.

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  1. admin

    Thanks for the update! Moving out of the familiar spaces and trying out something new, while very exciting is also very scary. Great work in helping the youth do that.
    By the way, what about posting some photos?

  2. medokhriezoangami

    nice, keep up the good work

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