It is always an exciting journey for us whenever we go to the field and this semester is not an exception. I was eagerly waiting for the time when it would come and I would be in field of rejuvenation. Time came and finally I was all set to go to my respective field work place. I was visiting different places in Golaghat district and I was assigned to look after the organic revolution happening in the society, communities and schools through the creative intervention of the Farm 2 Food Foundation. The F2F targets school first (student of standard 6th to 8th) and gradually they are trying to get involved in communities. As a promoter and observer it was quite interesting to see the interest of the students and their faith in organic farming. Farm 2 Food Foundation has initiated the organic farming training in select M.E Schools in co-ordination with SSA (Sabra Siksha Abhyan). The question is how long it would survive and how much the community or society is aware of that. At the same time I observed that there is lot of enthusiasm among the students who have promised to follow the environmental friendly path of development.

I was trying to do something special from my side along with the assignment that was given to me from farm 2 food foundation. I had a little experienced to facilitate programmes for the  public through my MSW (Master of Social Work) course. I planned to do an audio- visual programme during my field work journey. Especially i targeted the class 8th, 9th and 10th standard students. My aim was to inspire them towards education and make them understand the importance of it in our life. I was also trying to make them realize that they are an integral part of our society and they are the root of our future as well as the future generation. I chose nine video clips from the internet which consisted of inspirational and motivational content and I designed an educational flavour around them. I used to start that programme with a song of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. The song was ‘Manuhe Manuhor Babe’ (If human beings do not care for human beings at all with a bit of sympathy who else will care, say o mate….). It was a one and half hour programmed and I used to end my programme with the song from ‘Satyamav Jayate’ (Amir Khan Show),  ‘Bekhof Aye Zindagi’ (Without fear).

Life is given to us to find the divine and unite with our everyday surrounding and it was one another opportunity for me to get into my mission. It was my first field work in 3rd semester and I am very happy to have had such kind of overwhelming blissfulness. I have good buzzing memories of this journey.

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