Involve Fellowships

BI offers fellowships to 4 of its students a year to volunteer to projects/ organizations/ institutions/ movements that focus on issues that they are passionate about. This gives them an opportunity to explore, to learn, to confront and challenge themselves while connecting with the social realities that disturb them and make them angry enough to act.

The volunteers would also participate in learning events during the course of the year, together with development practitioners.

The fellowship is for one year and is open only to BI students/alumni.

Involve Social Initiative Support

It has been our experience while working with youth that there are very many highly motivated and capable young people who are interested in setting up organizations and/or taking up social transformation ventures. It is also a sad reality that many of these dreams die young for want of resources, skills and mentoring.

To nurture and support such youth led social and entrepreneurial initiatives BI supports 4 students/groups of students, who exhibit consistent interest and motivation in relevant areas of social involvement, and would like to start organizations/social change programmes of their own.

The support is for 2 years and would also include workshops/events aimed at both personal growth journeys of the young leaders and organizational development. During these workshops we would help the young people showcase their plans and interventions and interact with potential partners who have the resources to support the youth led ventures.

The support is open to BI students and alumni.