Drawing inspiration from Maniung Niangti’s (2009-11 batch) passionate articulation of her dream to work with those affected by alcoholism and her courage to follow that dream come what may, BI instituted the INVOLVE Awards in the month of July 2012. We realize that many young dreams die before seeing the light of day for want of support and guidance. The award is to forestall that eventuality.

The INVOLVE Award would be given to any student or group of students graduating from BI, having a workable and sustainable plan of INVOLVEMENT in a relevant issue or concern.


The INVOLVE awards for the year 2013 were declared on the occasion of Don Bosco’s Day on 31 January 2013. There are three awards this year since three batches have graduated from the Institute. The awards were given to:

1. JAMKHOJANG MISAO and his friends of the INSIDE in Saikul, Manipur. Modeling around the traditional bachelors’ dormitory, INSIDE would work with youth who are affected by conflict and violence, building their confidence and skills, and helping them connect with what is beautiful in their cultural milieu. They would use sports, music, dance and vocational training to reach out to the youth.

This award is fully supported through the Change Looms – Leadership Learning Journeys instituted by PRAVAH & COMMUTINY – the YOUTH COLLECTIVE, Delhi. Thanks a million to PRAVAH-CYC!

2. DONBOKLANG KHARMUJAI and his friends at YOUTH WITH MISSION AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, at Nongkrem, Meghalaya. They would promote youth enterprises among dropout youths and promote the spirit of enterprise among students. He has been selected for the Change Looms fellowship by PRAVAH, Delhi, in May 2013.

3. MANIUNG NIANGTI and her 3 friends who have formed the FAITH FOUNDATION in Shillong. FAITH FOUNDATION proposes to work with alcoholics, their spouses and children, with children affected by HIV/AIDS and with women and children who are victims of human trafficking. Maniung has also been selected for the Change Looms Award in September 2013.


Involve Award 2014 is given to RINI GHOSE (2008-10 batch) – Rini resigned her job to set up SERENDIP GUARDIANS, together with three of her friends (all from BI). Serendip Guardians would work on the promotion of mental health education and awareness and offer relevant services to young people in Nagaland.INVOLVE 14-1


All the four involvements have a youth focus in keeping with the spirit of Don Bosco.
The BI Family is proud of them!

The award funds are raised from friends and well-wishers who share our passion and dream for the youth of the region.

If you wish to be part of this INVOLVE Venture please contact through

or call 94357 38752