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Date: 19th – 20th January, 2016

Venue: Sacred Heart College, Tiripattur

Four students from Bosco Institute (Bakmen H, Honok B, Ruppriyam H, Shinoy  K) representedBosco Institute and participated in the two days international Conference  on Social work at Sacred Heart Collage, Tiripathur. The theme of the conference was “Youth Led Sustainable Development” The Social Work Department of Sacred Heart College had organized the conference in collaboration with North East Institute of Social sciences and Research and Restless Development India.  MSW students, social workers, scholars, volunteers from 42 institutions in India and abroad actively participated in the two days international conference. There were around 83 paper presentations on various topics during the conference sessions. The principal speakers of the conference were Paul J Bueno de Mesquita and Prof. Kay Johnson Bueno de Mesquita from Rhode Island, USA. The Bosco Institute students presented a poster presentation during one of the conference sessions. The topic for the poster presentation was “The Youth Led Sustainable Development Through Organic Farming”. The theme and the presentation were well appreciated by the moderator and the audience.