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My work with Don Bosco Social Welfare Centre, Tamenglong for one full month gave me new insights into real social work. I had some very memorable moments there and I came across some very touching scenes. Tamenglong is one of the least developed of the districts in Manipur. The negligence of government can be seen largely from the communication system to education. The road conditions in the middle of the town itself show that people and the officials who were moving up and down the road do not take much notice of it. If the condition in the town itself is poor then no one can think of having a good system of roads in the sub-divisions. I have witness the good work of DBSW for the welfare of the people. In village level people were helped to lead a sustainable life. They identified the burning issues that are prevailing in the district and they made planned intervens in those areas. The villagers benefit from their work to a large extent. People were co-operative and they look forward to changes in their village but lack good leaders to guide them and lead them towards betterment of the society.

A man in the village was helped with a loan of Rs.5000 to start a poultry and in one year, he managed to generate an amount of rs.10.000/-. Such work is very sustainable and need a lot of encouragement. The people were helped for orange plantation and other kinds of plantation. They followed a very well planned system of giving training for the staff first before they were sent to the field. They train the village folks on plantation of ginger, orange, litchi, and other kinds of fruits and vegetables. The villagers were trained in the system of rice intensification. It is a very productive system of rice cultivation. They benefit so much but such system consume time and need a lots of care and work. The agency helped the village folk to start piggery – they were given two piglets and from that they had to generate their income. A very good system of grain bank is practice. Such system helps the people during their needs. They can borrow grain whenever they need and pay back whenever they have again with some small interest. People with disabilities were helped and given referral services. Around 50 Persons with disabilities were helped by the agency. Some of them were helped to run shops and some of them were placed in care centres in different parts of north east.

A very touching experience about (people with disability) PWD was witness. A boy with an open mouth was operated upon and cured.. The staff raised the fund needed to help that boy, He was like an animal before; everything in his mouth was seen. But now he is looking alright, after going though a very long plastic surgery. They (the staff) spent more then 2-3 lakhs for that boy. Many people contribute to help that person. Now he is opening his own cycle repairing shop on the way to Imphal. The agency thanks all those who donate and help for the operation. I learned about the need for resource mobilization.

Every work needs evaluation or assessment after the intervention to know the impact it has on beneficiaries. I experienced going around a number of villages for impact assessment. I developed the skill of questioning as well as observing by going together with review team from Action Aid of India. I learnt more about the intervention areas of social work. There is a large cry for social work intervention in various fields in the district. Social worker need to build good relationship with the people so that they can be free to express their needs, their satisfaction and as well their problems. (Samuel)

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  1. robert

    Your reflection makes an interesting reading. We need to project places like Tamenglong and other underdeveloped areas more through our writings, or any other means to draw the attention of the authorities

  2. thithila Elizabeth

    You had a great experience in your field work. Iam impressed from your sharing of the boy who under went tough operation in his mouth.There are many NGOs in our state but only few NGOs does such sincer and eventual work to render the real service for the needy. May such work reach far and wide in the state and I congratulate you and the Organisation for the Marvelous work and information.

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