five principles of the organization

I was with the Adivasis Legal Education, Research and Training Centre. (ALERT CENTRE,) Ranchi for a month for my field work. ALERT is small organization with a small staff that works among the tribal community in the Letethar and Gomla districts of Jharkhand. The thing most inspired me was the principles and polices the organization uses to achieve its goal and objectives. They are people’s awakening, people’s education, people’s organization, people’s power and people’s action. The organization applies first two principles
through training, capacity building, awareness programs, workshops, evaluation, sharing of ideas and negotiation. It facilitates people’s organization to fight against the prevailing challenges in the society. As for the people’s organization, it is fighting the NETRAHART FIRING RANGE in Letethar district of Jharkhand as long as the government is not backing out.

It empowers the tribal community to promote self-governance and self-rule in keeping with the tribe’s tradition and constitutional provisions ensuring greater and active participation of tribals in local administrative bodies at the grassroots level. It works for the empowerment of the women on the central issues of development
activities, decision making, planning and implementation. It facilitates the running of an informal education programme especially for women so that they will be able to take active part in decision making.

People’s power and people’s action are seen in the implementation of the agency’s work in the village level. The agency employs the trained community people for their work at the village level. The agency is just helping, facilitating, supervising and guiding them to implement the plans. This strategy really impressed me because the trained people are engaged in a proper way and even they feel the importance of the training. I believe that there is no use of conducting training, workshop, etc. if the trained resource is not utilized in proper way. I feel that the agency is a people’s centre and the community is really benefiting from its activities.

The agency also uses the same principles and policies with other organizations, government and local administration. It organize workshop, training, evaluation for Block development officers, Gram pardhan (head of the village) and to the people who are responsible for developmental work. It directly implements the govt. projects and networks with them for development of the tribal rural community. The principles and
policies of the agency that I learned during the field work will be of great help in my future as a social work professional. This will help me work for development of the marginalized section of the society. (David)

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  1. philiplotha

    Hey! Mamo David… Terrific field work experience! Certainly the principles would help any professional social worker. It would enhance effeciency in the field, right.Keet it up!

  2. Lukose P.J.

    Hai David, Very good learning. These priniciples are known as Panchsheel of Development. Empowerment of the community is the expected result of this systematic process.

    Taking up a particular issue at a time will be ideal for this process.

    Keep up!

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