Journey of Pain to Power


The journey of Pain into Power.……….I have been walking the same Journey for long but realized it today. I am not doing things extra but the same thing in different ways. The attitude and conviction that decided to walk this journey helps me find the way out from pain into power. No stereotypes, no language problems but just an opportunity or rather a challenge to dare, to explore, to accept and start doing things, learn new and better, were the very instruments for this journey.

Danger is real but fear is a choice.  I wasted much precious time in the past just hoping that things to happen than to decide. Fear is something that is in the level of our imagination created by the way we think of what might be. I have decided to swim and walk across the water and the land to reach to the other side of the same land.

Sundarbans!… Comprising of 14 islands are really beautiful filled with various  types of animals, kinds of fishes, colorful crabs and good people. It’s a lovely place so green and shining with 66 protective types of Mangroves plants around and within the islands. But sad to see and experience the very nature of the islands. The fact is that we cannot control the nature but can adjust with the nature. Day by day the calm and quiet water steals away the island, bit by bit people lose their pieces of land. And time to time the deep and thick Sundarban forests releases a ferocious ‘Bengal tiger’ and kill the innocent. Economically just not sufficient, fishing is their main occupation. People migrate to other states and cities for jobs and good earning and living. The shake and the shock of 2009 Aila keep reminding the people of what happen again. But the people have decided to face the real (danger) and protect and adjust with the nature. People continue to fight and struggle with the water and the land to protect and preserve them.

The taste of living with them for seven days helps me to walk ahead with the journey of pain into power.  It is really wonderful to see and experience the reality, by being sincerely in real-self-first. I am not just happy but contended. And realize that not just hoping still but deciding to walk this journey of pain and fear into power and freedom is what will make me ME. Let us help each other to walk on this journey still, no matter at what speed and level we move. Let us not just keep hoping still… but decide to walk!!!!



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