Fieldwork experiences and learnings

I spent one month of  field work in Prodigals’ Home (PH), Dimapur (PH). PH is an NGO which runs various projects to reach out to the people. The vision/mission is sustainable and equitable social order through people’s participation and its objective is to create and disseminate the means for sustainable livelihood, proper management of natural resource and promote health and environment. Some of the issues of concern are drug abuse prevention, prevention and reduction of HIV transmission among higher risk women and their partners, education for child labour etc.

This field work was indeed a learning experience. I came to know the vision/mission, objectives, functions and approaches of the organization. I was so privileged to come and contact with this organization. The director was so supportive, helpful and friendly. From the very first day I was assigned with well set timetable for the month. Some of the centres which I visited were Resource Centre, Prodigals’ Burma Camp, Short Stay Home for Women, Fellowship colony and women health care  centre(DIC). I had the opportunity to interact with and take classes for the child labour, interact with differently abled children, high risk women and migrant workers, and residential inmates of the Short Stay Home. I also did a survey of the Migrant and UNICEF projects.

While interacting with these different categories of people, I gave the space to express their feelings, gave them counsel and guidance accordingly. I also made them happy by my smiles and some jokes etc.

Interacting with the Child Labour was a new experience for me. They were so restless and destructive and paid least attention, which made me think that they need more interaction, attention and follow up in their day-to-day life. This is what I had suggested to the team and the agency as well.

The staff whom I was entrusted with were all very corporative, helpful and supportive. And the organisation is doing so much good for the society as a whole.

I had a wonderful time with the people, the staff and in the organisation. I learnt to adapt and adjust myself and work with different sections of people. I learnt how to work in the team.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to the director, Miss Ela, the assistant director and the coordinators and the staff for their cooperation, support and help. I will cherish the good time I had with them. It is indeed my pleasure to come to know about this agency. 

Amina Kamei

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