field work experience

Global Organisation for Life Development is an organisation working on three projects, Ujjawala project for the traffic victims, Sanskar for people with HIV/AIDS and drug users and Swadar Shelter Home for destitute families. One month field work made me realise many things in life which we people are facing. One particular incident that happened during the field work makes me wonder why such things happen in life. It is the attempted suicide case of a young girl staying in Swadar shelter home. The girl attempted suicide as she was unable to get through her exam for 10th class. Also her father used to beat her and her mother regularly and even tried killing her. But she managed to escape and finally came to stay in the home run by the organisation.

The girl attempted suicide but was rescued by some girls staying in the house and her father. She was lucky enough to survive. But what will happen to her and to her family later in life? Everyone was talking about her attempted suicide, but for me the main issue is the girl’s safety and I wanted to bring her back to normal life. I know it is a very hard thing to do. But unless I take the chance and try helping her I will never know what it would be like and how far I would be successful. It is always worth trying.

These things happen very often in this modern world. These days youngsters attempt to end their life for apparently silly reasons. Why does this happen in the society? Is it because of us? Family pressure? Society? And many other reasons we never know? Parents, teachers, social workers, friends, and everyone of us have a stake in what our young people are feeling and thinking.

Living life to the fullest is everyone’s dream and also right. Make it possible. (Alethea)

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