Field experience

As part of the field work activity I went to an organization called World Vision, where I was placed under the Guwahati Street Children Project. Under the guidance and watchful eye of Mr. Gamelil Sherio the project manager, I carried out the field work from 18th of October to 12th of November.

I was engaged in working with the children at the railway station and Solapara centre, Guwahati. The field work was a memorable experience for me. It was memorable, because it was the first time that I came into contact with street children. I had heard a lot about the street children but had never seen them.

Working amidst the children was a life learning experience. Seeing the children of railway station into substance abuse really shocked me. What shocked me the most was the children, no matter what age or size, were all inhaling dendrite. The easily availability of the substance gave the children easy access to it.

Substance abuse is a much talked about and debated topic of the present generation; but I never knew that it has gone to such an extent that a teenager could be so much into it, until I met the children at the railway station. The children in the station whom I met were into the dendrite inhalation. I wonder what will happen when they become adults? Are we, the citizens, responsible to care for these children? Am I responsible?

Another experience I had with the children is that of their aggressive behaviour and the use of slang words. The use of slang words and aggressive behaviour really surprised me. Every sentence that the children spoke with their friends was accompanied with a slang word. With every slang word there was always a show a muscle power. The children could not stand the insults hurled at them by their friends. Though the show of muscle power end up in just mere show because of the presence of the guide, I was left confused as to whether the show of muscle power will change into something worse later in life.

We say children are the future of the nation; what the children of today is, is what the country leader will be tomorrow. Many of us say that we have to work for the welfare of the children but how many of us do work to bring change in the life of the people around us.  A child does not develop its characteristics or behavioural traits just like that. A child learns from what he or she sees. As an individual who is concerned about bringing changes in the society, I reflect on my role in guiding the youngsters of our society. What I experienced and saw was just a minuscule part of our country’s population. World vision as an organization is helping and guiding the children of Guwahati. What about the children in other parts of our country? Is it upto me?

                                   Kevitsalie jerome

  1. robert

    Its painful to see children just ignored. I think its the old good values of the family that need to be built up. Degradation in the family values is very rampant in these present days. All of us who happen to read this article pledge to build a loving family for our younger brothers and sisters and more importantly with our own children in the future.Goodwork Jerome!

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