Experience in LGBRIMH, Tezpur

There was a time when we had good days and bad days, and there was a time when I wanted to turn around, pack it up, and call it quits. Those times tell me to push myself and not to be afraid to learn by trying.
Trust: Trust makes me see the difference of working and hoping, it keeps me growing to take new decisions and learn something new every day.
Belief: Belief helps me to set my mind to predict success at whatever am doing at the moment.
Connect: Connecting with the key persons in the agency and people whom I meet; relationships are what pull me through the times, and make the good times meaningful. It takes time to nurture the connections that uplift me.
Listening: listen carefully to the other person’s point of view first, without being preoccupied or distracted. It helps me to hear and understand what is being said by other persons and pay attention to them.
Laugh: Laughter is a direct route to the soul, it broadens my perspective, keeps me healthy and makes an unbearable situation easier to deal with.
This internship helped me accept and respect others especially the ones who need more love and care from others; this field work experience is very different from the class room because here questions and practical things are more and it allowed me to do activities according to my interest areas; it helped me to transform myself and reflect back on whatever I learn. This one month internship helped me learn to learn from life and learn how to become a better person.


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