Dignity…yes i believe in it.

How many of us have the experience of meeting beggars? I think all of us have. And we pity them, get irritated sometimes and consider them lesser humans. That is what fascinated me while I was doing my internship. I was having street food with my friends when a tiny hand holding balloons looked into my eyes and with a ┬ásmile asked me to buy his balloons. I got a little curious and asked about his studies. He goes to school – evening he is a cobbler and at night he sells balloons or keyrings. I found in him the dignity he has towards the work he does. He doesn’t self pity; he is barely 10 years but already is good with money and calculations. At last he asked me a question,’ what do you do for earning?’ I couldn’t answer him. I am 22 years and still have not earned a single penny so far. Then with a feeling of deep respect towards the kid, i bought three ballons. He said again money making is not a very big deal but i wish my parents would have ever talked to me like you did. That evening was an unusual day , a message learned I felt is worth sharing with all.

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