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Facilitator: Jaya Iyer, New Delhi

Dated: 9th -12th February 2016

Venue: ChollongPathar, Golaghat (Assam)

During the Rural Camp MSW 2nd semester students along with the village women had a workshop on “Designing and running campaign” which was facilitated by Ms. JayaIyer, New Delhi. The whole workshop was designed with games, lectures and with practical activities. The workshop was more of fun learning. The students and the women were divided into several groups and asked to make the preparation for the campaign. Each step was guided by the facilitator to come out with lively campaign. The students and the women of the village organised a rally on “Organic Farming” followed by a theater performance on the same issue pointing out the demerits of chemical fertilizers and merits of organic farming. The main objective of the workshop was to acquire knowledge to design and run a campaign and to identify a problem of the village within a short period of time. Through this campaign the students of social work learned to plan and run a campaign. In the process students also experienced and gained practical knowledge by working with the women of the village.

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