Counselling Workshop

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Facilitator: Dr. Barbara Pretlier

Duration: 4 Days

The 4th semester students of MSW, Bosco Institute attended the counselling workshop for four days. The workshop was conducted by Dr Barbara Pretlier who is a Psychologist from Austria. The workshop was about the “Basic skill of counselling”, this workshop trained the students on how to provide counselling to an individual who are in need of help or a person who wants to come out from his/her problem.

1st thing the counselling workshop trains the students to observe themselves in the mirror by having a partner infront of oneself by trying to imitated what the others partner is doing. This activity reversed to the other partner also, at the end of this activity it encourages the students to share their own experience, where all the students are made to listen to each one sharing. Through this activity the workshop shows the importance of concentration.

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