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“When you challenge yourself, you excel yourself’’

When I recently went to Arunachal Pradesh for my field experience in Itanagar diocesan empowerment association (IDEA) the organisation engaged me in conducting a survey in three districts of Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri and Papumpare. Indeed it was a privilege to venture out to meet the people living in the villages in Arunachal Pradesh. What I saw was that the people are deprived of even the minimum facilities. There is hardly any medical care available to them. Listening to them itself was a great learning experience. They were so friendly and cordial, in spite of the fact that I was from a community very different from theirs.

There were also moments when I was scared – like when I had to collect data from people who were gambling. They were reluctant to talk to me initially; but I finally manage to communicate with them in well enough for them to respond.

The rural women folk are working hard to find the means to survive and educate their children. Though they are illiterate they have will to help their children reach a brighter future. Many of them send them children to the towns for schooling, since there are only primary schools in the villages. I was amazed by their determination to challenge the circumstances in which they live, and I was able to discover my field of interest and my passion to work for vulnerable “rural people”.

Today, I am glad that I have learnt and acquired many things through experiencing the real life situation. I discovered some of my strengths and weaknesses, and the assets and resources of communities other than mine. I received a real life lesson in overcoming adversities. “No matter what people say the best thing is that I stand firm for the right reason at the right time.” (Jasmine)

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  1. steven leon hou

    Everyone has their own fears. The most important thing is to surrender them all for you can’t overcome them if keep yourself fragile all the time. So, in other words, put out the fire within you. Lets return back to the above topic, education is a necessity. However, many of our most secluded towns are deprived of this basic facility. Im not saying that our country don’t have this facility but the fact is that the resources arn’t channelled optimumly in order to achieve specific targets efficiently in the deprived and most sought-after field of advanced learning and education. Government can’t do a thing for they’re the ones who set the rules and break them themselves. Sometimes i even wonder at what they’re even trying to perform! Anyway, being an ex-bosconian myself from calcutta (Don Bosco Park Circus) and an ex-xavierian (st. Xavier’s college park street) which are run by salesians and jesuits respectively, i truely believe that the standards of education are best served by christians schools and colleges.

  2. steven leon hou

    “when you have the passion, nothing can stop you from attainig achievements. obstacles are simply illusions.” “you have to look within yourself, to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self reveal itself.”

  3. robert

    We discover new things every day. Even the most simplest of things is giving or trying to tell us something. We only need to pay a little more attention.Continue challenging yourself believing that you can, and you will.

  4. Ritcheng

    your field work experience has taught you a great lesson and you have made up your mind “to stand firm for the right reason”. There may be times when the flame (your passion)goes dim and even off. you need to constantly keep the flame burn, fill the lamp with oil (with new ideas, techniques, etc.). Your dream and anxiety will surely come to reality.

  5. samuel gangmei

    expereince is a great teacher really and you have gained so well from your experience. face every challenges and show the world that you can do something. never fear of things that are happening around you. every things that happen, happens for good.keep up your good work. it is correctly written that we discover ourself by doing things what we never do.

  6. sunnykikon

    A very challenging experience jasmine.I liked it. We should do one thing everyday that scares us the most, and we will surely discover new strength to overcome weaknesses. keep it up..:)

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