CD students visit Guwahati & Shillong

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The 3rd semester Community Development students of Bosco Institute, Jorhat, Assam went for an educational exposure tour and observational visit to Guwahati and Shillong from 3rd October 2010 to 6th October 2010. The exposure was arranged to Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations which are directly or indirectly working for the welfare and development of the individual, groups and communities in a various settings. The organizations visited are the Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology (CAPART), Action Aid India, World Vision India all based in Guwahati, Rural Resource and Training Centre (RRTC) in Umran, North East Network and Don Bosco Cultural Museum in Shillong.
Some of the objectives of Visiting these organizations were as follows:
? To learn the structures and functioning pattern of the organizations.
? To know the area of intervention of these organizations.
? To create networks with social work organizations.
? To learn the process of implementation and management of different projects
? To explore the job prospects of social work.
The exposure group interacted with the personnel of these organizations and the interaction helped the group to know more about the main focus of every organization. It was learnt that CAPART funds for rural development through innovative ways, Action Aid works through partners on the issues of women, children and dams, using the Rights Based Approach, World Vision works for the development of children, RRTC focuses on training the farmers to have sustainable agricultural production and NEN works for the rights of women and drives the campaign against domestic violence. This interaction was very much enriching and valuable for the group.
Outcome of the Exposure
The exposure trip was a great learning experience and it has a deep motivational impact on the group to be more passionate in the profession. Seeing and experiencing give more motivation than just hearing and reading. The exposure was an opportunity for the students to see the reality and it influenced and motivated the students to be more passionate and focused to work for the development of people who are in need.

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  1. Ibung

    Exposure trips are quite helpful to understand the field reality and practices from the people who are already engage. hope the student has extracted the maximum. wishing them a happy learning experience in BI

  2. jerry

    Good initiative by the students and the teachers. Social work is best learned when the theory is seen in practice. Congrats. Hope other students too would venture out.

  3. zerodtkjoe

    Thanks for the info

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