beauty in our hearts

It was on 5th of November during my field work that I along with my friends went for community outreach to Missionaries of Charity sisters at Mission Chariali, Tezpur. I never thought I would see such beautiful people there. Let me share with you this – there were two boys, one was around 6 but he was not able to walk and the other was about 5 and he was not able to stand up straight because of his back bone. Would you believe they are really very happy helping each other to walk? But it’s true, they found joy in doing. But how many of us do like that? Again in the baby ward when I walked inside there was one little boy whose age is 5, but the sad thing is that he was not able to sit straight even nor talk. But he taught me a one very good thing. When I walked in he stretched his hand and shook my hand. I just can’t say how I felt. But I was really sorry for him too.
What I had seen that day always kept me thinking. Beauty is something that is never born and that is never dying  – it only has to do with our heart. I just can’t stop thinking how many of the parents have missed to see those beautiful children. Beauty is not only of physical appearance but more importantly it is of the heart. I believe if our heart is beautiful everything around us will be beautiful.

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