B.I – Home away from Home.

In my life so long I have never been in such a place where I felt the warmth, love and care as a home and as one family where every property is the property of members living in it. I never felt lonely at any time because I have a number of my beloved brothers and sisters and my parents like. There was no time when I was left alone when I was sad. There was always somebody to listen to my stories and ask me how am I.
To me it is not simply a house, not simply an institute, not simply a hostel but a HOME away from HOME, a FAMILY, family under one father “LOVE”. If anyone was to ask me the place where I would like to live rather than my home I would proudly say without any  further thought “B.I”. Why? Because this is the place where I felt the real love as brother, as sister, as family away from home. We are no children of same mother and father but brothers and sisters though coming from different parts of the world but related to each other by and with love.
It was during the 2nd semester, I cried but no one left me alone; my family members of B.I came and sat by my side to listen to my stories and comforted me. They are my parents and my relatives away from home. This is why I called it my HOME and my FAMILY.
What and who is B.I to you my friend Bosconians of Bosco institute of Jorhat, Assam?

  1. Gaisas kamson

    good one Chanapuh(bro) i feel the same our home our family= our BI.

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