The 5th space is the space that belongs to the student entirely – away from the expectations of parents and family, pressure to perform well academically and choose a career, compulsions from friends and the demands of an expected life style and leisure (the four spaces within which young people are compelled to negotiate). This is the space – where they can dig deep into themselves in connection with what is going on around them, understand and articulate their dreams and aspirations, and invest themselves in something that gives value to all that they are doing otherwise.

  • A space that enables them to move from the “I” to “WE”; empowers them to venture out from the SELF to the SOCIETY.
  • A space that helps them discover what EXCITES them from deep within; that helps them discover their PASSION.
  • A space that allows them to engage not merely in what they LIKE as much as in what they LOVE.
  • A space defined by deep self awareness, positive and energizing relationship skills and capacity to engage with community.

It’s not a space for impulsive action, but for reflected action (REFL-ACTION). It’s not a space that pushes young people to change the world without primarily allowing the world to seep into their consciousness and change them as they discover their inner calling to engage. At BI we have built this exploratory space into the academic structure, recognizing its importance in the formation of the human service professionals.